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Find your work a home.

Located in the heart of South Haven, ThinkBar offers 2000 square feet of comfortable, clean and non-committal work space for solo professionals seeking a productive co-working experience.

We provide remote-workers, freelancers and entrepreneurs a professional place for all-day productivity. Our flexible office environment offers all the benefits of an office without the
office overhead.

ThinkBar’s work space solutions are conducive to all working styles. Whether looking for a private desk, a casual work environment or a collaborative work space, we’ve got it covered.

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Hourly  |  $25

Private Office Rental

In need of a private space just for the day?

This option is ideal for someone in need of an intimate, private meeting space, a quiet closed-off room to review confidential documents, make phone calls and more. 

*Only available for a limited time. Limited availability as this offer assumes 'The Resident' package is not booked and the (1) private office is available to other guests for use. Please check with the Manager to confirm.

Daily  |  $100
4+ hours
Monthly  |  $650
Average $21/ business day
3-months at a time required
Annual  |  $6,500
Average $18/ business day

The Resident/

Book this membership, month-by-month by clicking on the button above, or contact us to book one year in advance.

Use of ThinkBar's 1, and only, private office space: Spacious office of your own, equipped with a large window, access to electrical, and a sliding barn door for privacy.

○ 24/7 Access*

○ Unlimited Conference Room use

   (when available)

○ Complimentary Wi-Fi

○ Access to printer, scanner, fax

○ Membership-only exclusive perks         & discounts on hourly rental options

○ Other complimentary amenities

Ten Days  |  $1,000
Average $100/ business day
$50 less per day


Punch Card

E-Learning Pass


Per Day | Available Tuesday's and Wednesday's

All day access during business hours

Complimentary Wi-Fi

Access to printer, scanner, fax

Access to private call rooms

Other complimentary amenities

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