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Co-Working: The Office of 2020

Picture this, all of the sudden, the room in your house you’ve designated as the ‘office’ (because it’s where your printer lives and a few office supply type ‘tools’) becomes the most popular room in your house. You and your family are now all working from this room 40 hours every week. Remote work from your full-time job happens here, countless hours of school work is reviewed here, and late-night creative work is done in this space, to help keep you sane...

Sound familiar? We thought so.

2020 has been a year of things we never imagined having to live through, but with the bad has come some good too! Our team at ThinkBar has embodied a remote work lifestyle for a few years now, and we’re so excited to see the shift in how companies are recognizing the benefits of allowing their employees to work from home or, better yet, co-working within a space of like-minded people. We know staying focused and on task while working from home can be extremely challenging. Trust us when we say we’re also guilty of procrastinating those lingering deadlines with morning cleaning routines, which is why we originally wanted to provide a space for professionals to, ya know, be productive. Little did we know that 2020’s “obstacles” would present such a perfect opportunity to open a space suitable to those longing to be back ‘in the office,’ after several months locked in their spare bedroom.

For those that need the structured morning routine of getting ready to go to work but no longer have an office to go to, or if you’re the most productive when others are busy working around you instead of feeling distracted by the never ending house chores and the long silence of an empty house, ThinkBar Coworking might be the perfect space to call your new office. We are proud to offer you a clean, distraction-free work environment equipped with everyday office amenities. Whether you’re working alone or have a small team of employees you need to meet with a couple of days a week, there are plenty of options within our space to accomplish just that!

Still need some convincing? Click here to learn more about what ThinkBar has to offer and, as always, follow along on our IG stories to see daily tours and a behind-the-scenes look at how we’re continually evolving the space to better suit our members’ needs! Don’t let 2020 bring you down anymore. Take control of your (remote) work-life today!

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